All eligibility criteria needs to be fulfilled to enroll and register for the membership card.
In order to maintain your eligibility for the Loyalty Program Service, you must have (a) Loyalty Program Terminal and (b) a valid agreement with us, in good standing.
You must submit your full name (as shown on your passport or any other identification card issued by the competent government authorities); (b) your mobile number (including the international call code) (c) your email address (d) your date of birth. We reserve the right to request additional information, if required at the time of processing your registration. You are required to ensure that all information provided to us is correct. In addition to a copy of a valid resident ID you are required to provide us with a copy of your valid passport. We also reserve the right to request additional information or documents from time to time. You are solely responsible for maintaining the accuracy of your account information by updating in case of any changes.
On successful registration you will receive a password to operate your ‘my wings’ account. It is your responsibility to ensure that the password is not disclosed to third parties. Majan Travel will not be held liable on account misuse due to negligence on your part.
You agree that you shall use reasonable security measures to protect your Personal Information against unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use or modification.
Majan Travel may accept or reject any application for membership at its sole discretion.
You are permitted to hold only one “my wings” account. Points from partners/spouse/parents/ children and /or any other accounts cannot be merged into one account.
Every enrolment has to have a unique e-mail address i.e. Two members within the ‘my wings’ program including children cannot use the same e-mail address. You should ensure that the email address provided by you at the time of enrolment is your own personal email address. For your protection and security reasons, Majan Travel will only honor requests to modify member account details received from this email address, including but not limited to redemption requests.


* You must activate an account to participate in or to gain access to the “my wings” Loyalty Program. To activate an account, you must complete an online membership enrollment form. Your membership is subject to continuous adherence of the terms and conditions provided in this agreement, as well as any and all future modifications.
* Members are responsible for reading the Loyalty Program Membership Agreement, additional Member information, in order to understand their rights, responsibilities, and status under the Loyalty Program through time to time.
* “my wings” card is a personalized card that carries your details and is issued when registration process is successfully completed.


* My wings membership card has no expiry date


* Points can be redeemed against the amount partially / full to book or upgrade any services through Majan Travel based on the points available to redeem. Points can be redeemed from any of Majan Travel branches.
* Redemption of “my wings” points may be requested only by the wings member or anyone provided the authorized letter request is made by the member to redeem number of points from their account.
* To the extent permitted by law Majan Travel accepts no liability whatsoever in respect of any damage, death, delay, injury or loss arising out of or in connection with the services or redeemed services supplied by Majan Travel or a “my wings” Partner.
* Determination of the value of “my wings” points is at the sole discretion of Majan Travel. Majan Travel reserves the right to change the price of my wings points (it will not affect the points already accumulated), impose additional conditions for redeeming points at any time


* Only the member named on “my wings” card may use it. Cards are not transferable.
* You should produce “my wings” card or “my wings” card number at the time of reservations / usage of services to ensure points are credited automatically to your “my wings” account.
* Members can check how many points have accrued every time the “my wings” card is swiped by a staff member through our point of sale system.
* At any given time “my wings” card remains the property of Majan Travel and must be returned on demand to Majan Travel
* Members found deliberately using their loyalty card through a third party/on behalf of sales made through another customer will have their card voided by Management.


* To earn “my wings” points, you must quote your valid “my wings” card number to reservation staff at the time of purchase of any services through Majan Travel only. Points are credited into the account after the complete utilization of service. In case of not quoting your valid “my wings” card number during the request, you won’t be able to claim the missing points.
* Reward points for each Omani Riyal (1), or equivalent in any other currency, shall be earned from Qualified Spend based on the Category. If you spend Less than one Omani Riyal (1) will not earn any Reward Points.
* Any change in booking resulting in a change in the amount due will result in a change in eligible expenditure and, consequently, a change in the number of reward points and / or earned category points.
* Points will not be calculated on taxes.
* Cancellation of booking / service will result in the cancellation of reward points earned against such transaction.
* In Case of any refund request, refund will be only processed after deducting the number of points earned against that booking and the supplier penalties / charges. All refund requests are subjected to Supplier Policies and may be delayed till we get the supplier confirmation.
* All refund requests are subject to time stipulations from the date of the transaction.
* Majan Travel reserves the right to make “my wings” points and promotional offers available to selected members based on geographic location, programme participation or any other criteria deemed appropriate for such promotion.
* The number of points is determined and published by “my wings”, based on the amount and service booked through Majan Travel.
* Neither “my wings” points nor the rewards have any convertible cash value.
* “my wings” membership account will be automatically terminated on the death of the member. Points accumulated prior to this will be cancelled. However, Majan Travel may, at its own discretion, reinstate “my wings” points in favor of the heir of the deceased upon the written application and subject to fulfillment of all legal requirements.


* There is a 7 day ‘service period’ from the date of booking / usage of service. Points are valid for a period of 1 Year from the end of service period. Unused points will automatically expire after the completion of validity period.
* Any expired points cannot be re-credited.
* It is responsibility of the member to check the points and the validity in their respective account through
* The following options do not qualify to earn “my wings” points and cannot be used to avail of “my wings” benefits
• All types of Free travel tickets.
• Specially discounted rates or any packages/deals which specifically state about no points benefit.


* An application to redeem the points should be submitted to any of the Majan Travel offices and must be made at the time of booking.
* Member must present “my wings” card and Valid Photo ID at the reservation counter as proof of identity to authorize the redemption for points from their account.
* Redemption is allowed based on the fulfilment of payment terms.
* Selling of redeemed services is an illegal activity and will attract legal action including but not limited to suspension of your “my wings” membership. In such an instance all “my wings” points in your account will be confiscated.


* All redeemed services are non- refundable. Member may request for a date change by paying additional charges if any. All changes are subjected to the supplier policies.
* Member may cancel the redeemed service and avail a new service using the amount after any cancellation charges. All cancellations are subjected to the supplier policies.


* Lost, stolen or damaged “my wings” cards must be reported by email to
* The card will be replaced as soon as possible subject to written request in the provided form. We will not be responsible for your loss of membership card. We are not responsible for the use of your membership number and / or membership card (as applicable) by third parties, either with or without your permission.


* You may terminate your “my wings” membership at any time by sending a written notice to the (in provided form). All points will be credited but not exchanged for rewards, as well as any un-utilized rewards, will be cancelled as soon as you cease to be a member.
* Majan Travel gives no warranty as to the continuing availability of “my wings”. Majan Travel may terminate or suspend my wings at any time. Majan Travel will give at least three months’ notice to the members of such termination or suspension.
* If Majan Travel terminates or suspends “my wings”, members will be able to redeem points during the notice period in accordance with the Terms and Conditions, except where Majan Travel is ceasing to operate a business and/or has gone into liquidation or other form of administration, in such case Majan Travel may terminate or cancel any Awards or Benefits immediately without notice.
* Majan Travel may in its absolute discretion suspend, cancel or terminate your membership or your accumulated points at any time and reserves the right to seek compensation for Rewards utilized if, in Majan Travel's sole judgment, that you have engaged in willful misconduct or breached any of the rules governing my wings.
* Upon the suspension of a membership, any points accumulated will be lost.


Your information provided through your enrollment and any future communication
• Will be retained and used by Majan Travel and its partners to ensure the efficient running of the rewards program.
• May be disclosed as required by law, including disclosures to the police, immigration and customs authorities
• May be used by Majan Travel and its Partners to send you communication about promotions, services, products and facilities offered.
• May be used to develop new services, new partnerships; for marketing and market research purposes
• May be used for accounting and audit purposes including fraud auditing.
• May otherwise be used in a manner which you may authorize from time to time.